OTTB 101


OTTB 101

Transferring Ownership

While the nature of buying and selling Thoroughbreds from the track into second careers often means they’re bought sight-unseen, there are plenty of ways buyers and sellers can protect themselves and their horses.…
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Keeping Track of Your Former Racehorse

The majority of second-career owners would love to stay in touch with you about your former horse!…
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Why Your OTTB (Probably) Isn’t a Rescue

It’s easy to throw the word “rescue” around, but the majority of Thoroughbreds are responsibly rehomed after racing.…
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How to Acquire an Off-Track Thoroughbred

You know you want to put a Thoroughbred ex-racehorse in your barn… but how?…
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How to Place a Retiring Thoroughbred

You’ve decided it’s time to retire your horse — where do you start?…
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When Is It Time to Retire?

Demand for retiring Thoroughbreds is growing — but there is one key factor affecting how easily you can place your ex-racer.…
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Reasons for Optimism

Improvements in aftercare help add even more opportunities. Shared with permission from Bloodhorse.…
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What Is Aftercare?

The aftercare industry consists of different types of organizations and the open market working together for the benefit of the horse.…
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Incentive Programs & OTTB Competitions

Several incentive programs and Thoroughbred-only competitions provide plenty of options for your OTTB in his or her second career!…
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The Makeover & the Racing Industry

How can you and your horses get involved?…
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Researching Your OTTB

One of the coolest things about OTTBs are the readily-available records of their breeding and racing careers. Here’s how to research your horse!…
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Why Our Work Matters

While there are numerous “alphabet soup” organizations working in Thoroughbred aftercare, it’s the unique work of the RRP that sets it apart from the field.…
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When to Work With a Trainer

Transitioning a Thoroughbred to a new career is rewarding, but also a massive challenge. Don’t be afraid to work with a professional!…
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