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Makeover Event Photographers


Official Event Photographer

The RRP retains photographers for the purpose of providing competition photos for trainers to purchase as well as to cover the media needs of the organization. Please note that only the official show photographer's work is available for purchase; RRP media photography is not available.

2024 photography information will be available later this year.


Approved Event Photographers

Approved event photographers will be offering additional services at the Thoroughbred Makeover, including ride and event coverage, portrait sessions, and more.

Individuals interested in booking photography services should reach out to the approved photographers on this list directly. The RRP approves and maintains this list of credentialed photographers, but is not otherwise party to agreements, contracts or transactions between individuals and photographers.

Only the approved photographers on this list are permitted to offer commercial services at the Thoroughbred Makeover. Photographers that have not been approved and do not have credentials will be asked to leave the premises.


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