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Makeover Event Photographers


Official Event Photographer

The RRP retains photographers for the purpose of providing competition photos for trainers to purchase as well as to cover the media needs of the organization. Please note that only the official show photographer's work is available for purchase; RRP media photography is not available.

The Official Show Photographer for the 2024 Thoroughbred Makeover and National Symposium is Erin Gilmore Photography. Learn more about Erin Gilmore Photography at the link below.


Photography Policy

In order to protect the business of our official show photographers, the 2024 Thoroughbred Makeover has established this photography policy. In this social media, smart phone, day and age, capturing and sharing images from events has never been easier. We want to encourage all our guests to fully enjoy their experiences here and treasure the special memories for generations to come. However, it is still extremely important that we protect and respect the contracted show photographers that make their livelihoods providing high quality, professional images for our exhibitors.

The following guidelines are expected to be abided by ALL visitors to the 2024 Thoroughbred Makeover:

  • Visitors, spectators and exhibitors attending the 2024 Thoroughbred Makeover are permitted to take photographs and record video for personal use only
  • Only our official appointed event photographers are allowed to take competitor images and sell them to the public
  • No other individual or company has permission to take images of multiple competitors and sell them to members of the public or publish online/on social media
  • Professional photography equipment, including, but not limited to, cameras with lenses longer than 4 inches, tripods, monopods, or any video camera mounted on a tripod or other stabilizing device are not permitted under any circumstances
  • Media representatives with approved credentials are the only exception

Any individual found in violation of these guidelines will be asked to leave the premises and could be subject to bans from future events.


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