Sallie Roberts

Nick Routsong

Sallie joined the RRP in July 2018 as an administrative assistant, now taking care of data entry and horse information across the RRP’s wide-ranging databases. After a 33-year career at the U.S. Department of Defense, she finds this work to be the perfect complement to her duties as a grandmother, chorister, and of course, OTTB owner!

Sallie has followed horse racing since the days of Secretariat and Sham, and fell in love with the noble Thoroughbred up close and personal while working as a polo groom during high school and college. She spent the next 20 years or so doing non-horsey things but got back into riding in the mid-2000s, finally getting a horse of her own, her OTTB Cerulean Moon. Retired from riding duties now, “Moonie” is living his best life, full of turn-out, peppermints, and carrot stretches.