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Winter 21-2022 OTTB Mag


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In this issue of the Off-Track Thoroughbred Magazine:


  • The Journey’s Reward – Meet your 2020 and 2021 Makeover champions and discipline winners.
  • Hidden Talents – What OTTBs learned as racehorses gives them a jump start on second-career success.
  • From Admirer to Owner – How to track a racehorse and go about buying one when it retires.
  • Flatwork for All – Flatwork essentials for OTTBs that lay the foundation for any discipline.

In Every Issue

  • Training With Tik: Trust & Respect
  • Racehorse Life: Growing Up in the Bluegrass
  • OTTB Care: Colic Prevention Plan
  • From the Director’s Desk; Connect and Engage with Us; Reader Feedback; Picking a Prospect; RRP News; Aftercare News; Holiday Gift Guide; Final Thoughts: The Things We Do for Love

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