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Summer 2022 OTTB Mag



In this issue of the Off-Track Thoroughbred Magazine:


  • The Amateur Owner Lifestyle – How working adults balance busy lives and OTTB ownership.
  • Local Leanings – Regional differences in Thoroughbred breeding are evident in the types of horses that hail from certain states and provinces.
  • Both Sides of the Wire – Learn about horse people who own Thoroughbreds for racing and for sport.
  • Forever’s Not for Everyone – Giving a Thoroughbred his ‘forever home’ is a romantic notion, but is it always realistic?

In Every Issue

  • Racehorse Life: The Claiming Game
  • OTTB Care: Biosecurity Tips
  • From the Director’s Desk; Connect and Engage with Us; Reader Feedback; Makeover Horse Sightings; OTTBs In Sport; Picking a Prospect; RRP News; Aftercare Corner; Final Thoughts

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