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Summer 2021 OTTB Mag


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In this issue of the Off-Track Thoroughbred Magazine:

  • Run Fast & Jump High – Discover how the lifestyle of the steeplechase horse differs from that of a flat racer.
  • Strong To the Core – Apply these techniques to build your OTTB’s second-career strength and agility.
  • You’ve Got To Have Heart – Thoroughbred blood is the not-so-secret sauce that helps Warmbloods live up to their sport horse status.
  • Makeover Misses – For some horses the Makeover is simply not in the cards; meet three trainers who missed the Makeover but benefited from the preparation process.

In Every Issue

  • Training With Tik: Setting Boundaries
  • Racehorse Life: Backing and Starting Racehorses
  • OTTB Care: Managing Ankle Injuries Acquired on the Racetrack
  • From the Director’s Desk; Connect and Engage with Us; Reader Feedback; Sightings: Photo Gallery; OTTBS In Sport; Picking a Prospect; RRP News; Aftercare News; Product Spotlight; Final Thoughts: Dreams Fulfilled


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