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Microchips are rapidly becoming the industry standard for animal identification, including for equines, because they are non-invasive and reliable over long-term periods of time.
Effective 2019, horses attending the Thoroughbred Makeover must have a Jockey Club registered microchip which will be verified on-site at the event in October.
Microchipping is also the accepted identification method for The Jockey Club (effective with the 2017 foal crop), the United States Equestrian Federation, and FEI.
This “Equine Slim” model of microchip manufactured by Datamars is the same one available from The Jockey Club, is ISO11784/11785 compliant, and registerable with The Jockey Club, USEF, and FEI.
Includes 1 microchip with unique 15 digit serial number, insertion syringe, and informational pamphlet.
More information on microchipping can be found here:
Datamars Equine
The Jockey Club


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