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Fall 2018 OTTB Mag


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In this issue of the Off-Track Thoroughbred Magazine:

  • Famous Family Ties – Meet four Makeover entries with celebrated kin.
  • More Than Soldiers – War horses making their mark on the Makeover and those who work with them.
  • Families That Make the Makeover Work – For these three households, the Makeover is an annual team effort.
  • How Far They’ve Come – Checking in with four Thoroughbred Makeover graduates flourishing in their second careers.

Makeover Program

  • About the Makeover
  • Schedule 
  • Facility Map
  • Makeover Events
  • Disciplines and Scoring
  • Special Awards
  • Officials and Volunteers
  • Vendors
  • Sponsors
  • List of Competitors

In Every Issue

  • Training With Tik: Be Your Horse’s Superhero 
  • Racehorse Life: What Racehorses Wear
  • OTTB Care: Reducing Colic Risk
  • From the Director’s Desk; A Message from Our Title Sponsor; How to Connect and Engage with Us; Reader Feedback; RRP News; Final Thoughts: Winning on Many Levels

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