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Fall 2015 OTTB Mag



In this issue of the Off-Track Thoroughbred Magazine:

  • Bounding Back After the Warmblood Invasion – Industry greats weigh in on how Thoroughbreds lost their position as America’s dominant sport horse and whether they could be poised for a comeback.
  • A Sound Investment – When evaluating a retired racehorse for a second career, what former injuries can you live with?
  • Time Will Tell: Uncovering Thoroughbred Talent – Whether pointing horses to the starting gate or start box, training principles aren’t so different.
  • Securing Their Futures: All In – Transitioning Thoroughbred racehorses to second careers has taken center stage in horse industries worldwide — and England’s is no exception.
  • But Can You Make Money? – It’s rewarding to bring a former racehorse into the show world. For some trainers, the rewards are financial.

In Every Issue

  • Revving Up the OTTB Market- The RRP promotes Thoroughbreds as the ultimate American sport horse.
  • Maidens and Millionaires – Horses of all backgrounds, proven and unproven on the racetrack, converge at the Thoroughbred Makeover.
  • Meeting Their Match- Get to know a junior, an amateur and a professional trainer competing at the Makeover, and learn how they got there.
  • Thoughts from the President; How to Connect and Engage with Us; RRP Membership Benefits; Thoroughbred Makeover 2015 Schedule; Thoroughbred Makeover 2015 Program; Thoroughbred Makeover 2015 Map; Thoroughbred Makeover 2015 Competitors List; Vendors and Sponsors; Final Thoughts

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