Perfecting Your OTTB’s Body Condition

How to help your Thoroughbred achieve an ideal body condition score


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  • Feature Stories: In-depth articles in each issue based on interviews with the best in the business.
  • Training: Tips from the most experienced horse trainers in all disciplines where Thoroughbreds excel, including racing.
  • Racehorse Life: A Thoroughbred’s history, from sales prep to training center to life on the backside, helps explain how they think and work in their second careers.
  • OTTB Care: The latest from vets, nutritionists, farriers, and farm managers about your Thoroughbred’s health.
  • Thoroughbreds in Sport: Thoroughbred eventers, hunters, jumpers, polo ponies, barrel racers, and many more are making news at shows and competitions worldwide.
  • RRP News: Building bridges to second careers and increasing demand for Thoroughbreds is a big job, involving many services, events, and programs, all described here.
  • Makeover News: Learn about the latest updates to the Thoroughbred Makeover and National Symposium, the RRP's banner event and the largest and most lucrative retraining competition in the world for recently-retired racehorses.
  • Aftercare News: Questions, answers, struggles, and solutions from the nonprofit facilities that serve as the safety net for Thoroughbreds after racing.

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